Jue Wang

Computer Graphics and Vision Researcher

Go to my youtube channel for youtube videos demonstrating some of these projects.

Collaborative Photography [project]

We propose CamSwarm, a low-cost and lightweight alternative to professional CamArrays for consumer applications. It allows the construction of a collaborative photography platform from multiple mobile devices anywhere and anytime, enabling new capturing and editing experiences that a single camera cannot
Image Deblurring [project page]

We are trying to develop a practical solution to remove blur casued by camera shake from an input blurry image, and restore a sharp image.
Video-based Stop Motion Production [project page]

We present a new video-based interface which is capable of animating the vast majority of everyday objects in stop motion style in a more flexible and intuitive way. 
Upright Image Adjustment[project page]

An automatic approach for straightening up slanted man-made structures in an input image to improve its perceptual quality.
Single Image Deconvolution with Outlier Handling [Project Page]

High quality image deconvolution for real-world images.
Subspace Video Stabilization [Project Page]

  • An efficient, streamable, practical, high quality video stabilization solution.
  • Noise Shop  [Project Page]

  • An interactive approach using joint image-noise filtering for achieving high quality image-noise separation.
  • Video SnapCut   [Project Page]

  • A robust video object cutout system, designed for practical use in video production.
  • Soft Scissors
  • The first realtime interface for high quality image matting.
  • Parts of the technology were released by Digital Film Tools as a Photoshop plug-in named “Power mask”.

    A new online video browsing interface    

    This project aims at developing novel user interfaces for sharing personal tour videos online. The goal is to make editing, sharing and viewing personal videos to be an easy and joyful process. [uist 08 paper][video, MP4, 48M] [on youtube]

    RobustMatting       (Project Page)

  • a robust tool for image matting and segmentation, which significantly outperforms previous algorithms and products.
  • Details of this program can be found here.
  • Commerically released by Digital Film Tools as a Photoshop plug-in named “EZ mask”.

  • Interactive Video Cutout  (Project Page)

  • a novel system for efficient video object extraction. The system is capable of segmenting a video sequence over 100 frames in just a few seconds. [on youtube]
  • Video Tooning

  • an interactive system for transferring videos to cartoon animations with a variety of styles. [SIGGRAPH 04 paper]
  • Highlighted by Nature News, New York Times News, BBC News, Discovery Science Channel News, and Microsoft Research News and Highlights. [on youtube]
  • A small extension about "Free-form Video Tooning Deformation".  (pdf)
  • The Cartoon Animation Filter

  • a simple Cartoon Animation Filter, which takes an arbitrary input motion signal and modulates it in such a way that the output motion is more alive or animated. We demonstrate the filter applied to simple presentation animation, hand animated 2D objects, video cutout objects, as well as motion captured linked figures. [SIGGRAPH 06 paper][on youtube]
  • Very Low Frame-rate Video Streaming for Face-to-Face Teleconference

    The system can transmit live face videos for a video conference within dial-up bandwidth. Presented at IEEE Data Compression Conference 2005 [DCC 2005 paper]